Look at that... It's finally Live!

So the web site of OPE AG is finally up and running. I am truly excited to have got rid of the temporary placeholder (with "ETA 2009/03", for which I got quite a few comments - thank You very much). I apologize those who have been impatiently checking whether my web site is up as I promised during March. Indeed, it is a late March this year ;o)

The placeholder is gone

But you know how it goes... There are priorities in each company - and usually the web site is not on the top of that stack. Even in larger companies with proper processes and marketing staff, I know the process is painful: There is so much to say, but so little time to write it. I have been lately following one web site project besides my own... I do not want to name any names, but my best regards to Cecilia, Janne, Thierry, Willy and the guys, I am waiting full of excitement how your deadline holds :o)

But enough about the painful birth process of web sites... What should you expect to see in www.ope.ag?

As you see even from this "post", I am attempting a different approach to web site publishing - kind of Web 2.0 style (you know, blogs and communities and stuff...) instead of the traditional "Company Presentation", "Services", "Partners", "Contacts"... structure. This is really a test: I want to try hands-on is it viable for a company web site to go to that direction. After all, if it is possible, it should be the most viable for a one-man-company like OPE AG.

So let's see: my target is to publish about one post a week. That is excluding the vacation weeks in June and July-August (have not decided exactly yet). So in practice I would like to produce 2-3 articles each month. But this time, I want to make it clear: This is an Experiment. I am not making any promises! If it looks like this whole blogging thing is not for me, I will just remove the Digg-it links and add that "Partners" section.

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