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This is collection of articles and postings about latest technologies, mainly relating to Microsoft .Net, Asp.Net MVC and project codename Oslo. It is a hobby and a way to give back to the community and not an OPE AG offering or reflection on what OPE AG is working with.
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Introduction to Bellevue Project

Olli Perttilä on 17.3.2009
Bellevue is a prototype of a new Open source template engine for Asp.Net MVC framework. Bellevue uses pure HTML in its core - without any additional tags or syntax. It then uses CSS-like syntax to inject the active logic into the HTML - or in other words: to bind the data from the model to the view.

Fluent.Xml.Linq - Exploring the limits of C# syntax

Olli Perttilä on 13.2.2010
An exploration of the limits of C# - how much it could be pushed to create Fluent APIs or Internal Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) that have different kind of flow than the traditional use of the language. On the way we look at indexers, implicit cast, delegates and operator overloading and use them - sometimes a bit unexpected ways.

Behind the scenes of www.ope.ag: Asp.Net MVC

Olli Perttilä on 3.6.2009
Time to talk a bit about the technology behind this web site. I am a big fan of the ASP.NET MVC framework. Before creating the web site I had already done a few web sites with it and one larger customer project. And for me, there is not really any going back to the old way of ASP.NET Web Forms (Web Forms is the normal

type of ASP.NET).

Behind the scenes of www.ope.ag: Hosting in the Cloud

Olli Perttilä on 31.5.2009
Cloud computing is one of the big buzzwords in the industry at the moment. Most of the big providers are talking about it at least to an extent, but especially Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, SalesForce and Yahoo have been very active. Then there is a set of smaller providers, who often have quite innovative solutions, but are usually not as known as the Big Guys. So what is Cloud Computing? Let's take first the Wikipedia definition: Cloud computing is a style of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over the Internet.